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Here at Authentic Soccer we offer replica national soccer team jerseys from many different, thriving soccer teams in many different countries; including Brazil, Argentina, USA, England, Italy, Spain, Holland, Mexico and Colombia. As you browse all of our official Nike soccer replica national team jerseys, read the summaries to see how your team did in the past year and what their future aspirations may be as a team. A good combination of team pride and the right spirit wear can go a long way. You can even customize your favorite national team jersey by choosing a player’s name and/or number to add to the shirt design!

National jerseys are some of the most popular jerseys because they allow you to show your national pride. Put on your country’s colors, in one of our comfortable, Nike styles, and root for your team as they compete to make it to the World Cup.

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Shop in our wide variety of National team jerseys. From the biggest countries in the world such as Brasil and Spain to other countries such as Guatemala and Costa Rica.


Argentina have so many great talent that they will be looking for revenge in the next World Cup in Russia. Shop Now for all the latest Official Argentina jerseys and gear now and them customized online.


Australia are ready to fight for a spot in the Fifa World Cup In Russia 2018. Shop now and support your team as they battle for a spot in Russia. We have a collection of Official Australia merchandises.


Belgium like in any other tournament, are consider the black horses of this years FIFA World Cup. They have tons of talent that can get them far and if not win the World Cup 2018. Shop Now and follow the Red Devils with for all there latest Official Belgium jerseys and gear that can customized online.


Bosnia-Herzegovina are ready show what they can do on the big stage again as they battle for a spot in the next world cup. Shop now in our collection of Official Bosnia-Herzegovina products.


Brazil are looking to add more stars to their badge by looking to redeem themselves and win the world cup in Russia in 2018. Follow Brazil to the path of victory with our selection of Official Brazil products such as Official Jerseys and more!


Cameroon is trying to be the first African nation to win the world tittle of champion. They are highly motivated and eager to reach the top. Shop now and support your team with all Official Cameroon Jerseys and more!.


Chile is one of the surprised team not to go further in the world cup. But this time around they will be on the hunt for glory. As the New South American Champion will want to become the next world champions. In our selection of Chile merchandise we offer Official Puma Jerseys and more!


Colombia were the real dark horses of the world cup. They were eliminated in the quarter final but that doesn't stop them from trying again. This time they will show no mercy as they will be going for all the gold. Shop in our selection of Official Colombia products.

Costa Rica

Los Ticos have earned the respect and heart of many football fans by reaching the quarter final of the world cup. Now they want to aim for glory and reach the top. Shop now in our collection of Costa Rican merchandise for all the Tico fans.


Croatia are full of star players and are ready to show the world that they can perform well on the big stage. Their mission is to win the Euro 2016 and then the world cup. For all the Croatian fans we have a selection of official Croatia items. Shop now and start customizing the official Croatia items online.


Denmark are back to the grand stage after a 4 year hiatus. They will show that they are still a competitive team with the determination to make an impact at the World Cup 2018. Shop now in our Danish Dynamite collection with the latest jersey and merchandise that can be customized.


Ecuador will push for the 2018 Russia Fifa World Cup where they would aim further than the group stage. They can possibly be the next dark horse in the next tournament. We have a variety of Ecuador items for their fans. We have the official Ecuador jerseys and more.


England has the heart of 3 lions and a stack of talented players on their roster and they will sure be out for the tittle of world champion. We offer a variety of products for all England fans. Weather old or young we have something for you.


Egypt are finally back into the FIFA World Cup after being absence for 28 years. They are now ready to show why they are the most successful team in the African cup of nation, they are ready to leave there mark in this years world cup. Shop all the Egypt merchandise gear that can all be customized.


France are the host of the Euro 2016 and will be showing no mercy as the aim for the glory of being the champions of Europe. They have a team full of stars ready to do what ever it takes to win. And for our French fans we have a selection of Official products and more.


Germany are the champions of the world! They are now the number 1 team in the world. And now you can get their official jersey and watch as they try and win the Euros 2016 and retain the tittle in Russia 2018. Shop now and get your authentic jersey and more.


Ghana the last African team to make it to the quarter final in the 2010 world cup are looking to go even further and be the first African team to win it. Shop now in our Ghana collection were we have official merchandise for all you Ghana fanatics.


Greece are eager to get back on the big stage again as they set their sight to the 2018 Russia World Cup. Greece could shock the world and win the tournament, just like how they did in the Euro 2004. With our selection of Official Greece products you can follow their journey back onto the big stage.


Netherlands are ranked high as one of the top team in the world and soon the tittle of world champion could be theirs. They will look for revenge as they narrowly missed out on the tittle in the last two world cup. Shop now in our different selection of Holland merchandise. We h ave jerseys and more!


Honduras a proud full team that always play hard and is always looking for a big upset against the elite teams. They will strive for a spot for the next world cup. For our Catrachos fans we have different products that are all official.


Iceland are coming into this World Cup 2018 making history as they are the smallest nation by population to qualify for the World Cup. This will be Iceland's first time in a world cup where they will surly not disappoint in there debut. Shop now in our Iceland collection with the merchandise that can be customized.


Iran are ready to show that they can compete in big tournaments like the world cup. They can be the surprise team and make it out of the group stage. We have the official phone cases for the Iran national team and more.


Italy are one of the most successful European team in the history of the world cup. They have won the tournament 4 times. They are ready to prove it In the Euro's and in the world cup that they still are best. In our selection of official Italy products we jerseys, phone cases and more!

Ivory Coast

Ivory Coast are the current champions of Africa right now. They have proven that they can be champions. They will try and take the motivation to the next World Cup. And we have a variety of items from the African champions for their fans.


Japan are one of the most successful team in Asia. They have won the most Asian cups and the only Asian team to compete in the Copa America. With that experience they can become a tough team to beat. They are known as the Samurai Blue and are home to some superstars. Shop now for official japan phone cases.

Korea Republic

Korea Republic are the first Asian team to reach the semifinal of the world cup. They are historically the best team in Asia and have some great talents playing for them. We have official Korea Republic phone cases for our Korean fans.


Mexico "El Tri" are the most successful team in the CONCACAF region. They will continue to dominate and be one of the best team from the CONCACAF region in the major tournaments. For our 'El Tri" fans we have official Mexico merchandise and phone cases here for all the Mexican fans..


Morocco are back to the grand stage after a 20 year hiatus. Morocco will want to top there group just like they did 1986 finishing ahead against some of European elite teams. Shop now in our Morocco collection with the latest jersey and merchandise that can be customized.


Nigeria are one of the powerhouse teams from Africa. They will be wanting to play like its 1994 where they were the highest ranked African team. They will fight to retain their title of African champions in 2017 and will want a spot in the 2018 World Cup. For Nigerian fan you can shop now in our selection of official phone cases.


Panama are going to the grand stage for time in there history. They will want to prove that there are more than 2 powerhouse team in the CONCACAF region. Shop now in our Los Canaleros collection with the latest Panama jeresy and fan gear that are all fully customizable.


Peru are coming back to the World Cup after missing out in the past 36 years. Peru has a history of wining major tournaments such as the Copa America twice. Can history be in Peru's favor as they are looking for victory in this year World Cup? Shop now in our Peru collection with the latest jersey and merchandise that have the option to be customized.


Poland a European powerhouse with experience in Major Tournaments. They will be one of the favorites to top there group and move on to the defying moments of the tournaments. Shop now in our Poland collection with fan gear and phone case that can be customized.


Portugal is the home of the great CR7. They will be striving to make an impact in the Euro 2016. It will be no easy task but with their fans support they can do it. We have official Portugal merchandise for the fanatics.


Russia the successor of the Soviet Union and the home of the 2018 World Cup. Have to perform well in Euro 2016. That performance can boost their confidence in the World Cup 2018. Shop in our collection of Official Russia phone cases.


Senegal will be entering the World Cup for the second time in their countries history. They will be looking to battle top teams and cause a major upset again and try to go further than quarterfinal of the tournament. Shop now in our Poland collection with fan gear and phone case that can be customized.


Serbia is playing since an independent nation since 2006 and never looked back since. Having already had experience a world cup, Serbia no doubt will pull out the stop and get further than the group stages. Shop now in our Serbia collection of fan wear and more that can be personalized.


Spain "La Furia Roja" will be defending their European title against the current world champions Germany and many more in the Euro 2016. They will have to prove that they are still the best team in Europe. We offer official Spain products for all the Spain supporters


Sweden are back in the World Cup ready to prove that they can be world champions as well. Sweden narrowly missed in the finals on three separate occasions. But this year around they will be fighting to claim the gold. Shop Now for all the latest Official Sweden jerseys and gear now and them customized online.


Switzerland is known for having a well organized defense where they would not concede a single goal in the 2006 world cup. They could achieve this feat again in the Euro 2016. In our selection we have official Switzerland products.


Tunisia are back to the grandest stage of them all the 2018 World Cup. They are determined to win there group and go on to the next round where they try to be the first African team to win the World Cup. Shop for all Tunisia fan gear now and have they personalized online.


Uruguay are the first champions of the world wining the first world cup held in 1930. They have a huge list of superstars and are real competitive threat to any team on the international stage. Shop now in our selection of Uruguay products.


USA is the only team outside of the UEFA and CONMEBOL to ever reach the semi-finals of the world cup. The stars and strips are looking for the glorious moment again. As they also represent as a CONCACAF powerhouse in big stage tournaments. Shop now for all US merchandise.