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Soccer Protective Gear

What Protective Gear Should Soccer Players wear?

Like other competitive team sports, playing soccer does carry the potential risk for injury. Protective soccer gear is designed to minimize a player’s risk of injury without compromising their performance. Injuries to the lower limbs account for the vast majority of battle wounds in soccer. Shin guards are the main line of defense against these types of injuries and are required equipment for games. Guard stays are another helpful item, keeping shin guards in place. Other helpful protective gear includes medical supplies such as tapes, blister pads, straps, and braces for both preventative and responsive injury needs. Finally, players often must contend with Mother Nature. Warm gloves protect players from the cold during those late-season games.

Soccer Shin Guards

Every soccer player needs the protection offered from a good pair of shin guards. We carry a wide range of sizes from the brands you trust like Nike, adidas, Diadora, and Puma. Players can choose from either slip-in shin guards that fit into a compression sleeve or a full-length shin guard. Full-length shin guards often come with ankle guards for another layer of protection. Regardless of the particular design, be sure to choose a pair that fits. Each of our product pages has a full sizing description. And, for those playing high school or college level soccer, be sure to look for the required NOCSAE approved shin guards. And, like every product we sell, even our shin guards are customizable.

Guard Stays

Guard stays help you keep your mind on the game and not on keeping up your shin guards. Newer rules specify that all college, high school, and even many youth leagues are required to have matching socks and guard stay colors. All of our guard stays are reversible and can be matched to your specific color. Customize them even more with team logos or names (teams contact us for special bulk pricing). You can count on our extra durable, strong elastic guards to hold up under heavy use, not fraying in the wash or losing shape.

Other Protective Gear

Warm Soccer Gloves
Protect your hands from the cold without compromising on your throw-ins. Warm soccer gloves are designed not just for comfort in the cold but to give you great grip on the ball. These can also be customized with your team logo. Teams, please contact us (link) for special bulk pricing.

Soccer Injury and Prevention Supplies>
Don’t let injuries keep you off the field. We have everything you need to bandage up and prevent future bang-ups. We carry an extensive line of Mueller Sports Medicine products for all types of sport injury prevention and care. We also carry pre-wrap and tape in a wide range of colors to match your uniforms or socks. These are also available by the case for team orders.

Soccer Shin Guards

Carrying a wide range of shinguards for soccer is a necessity and we do our best to offer all the top shinguards that will offer you the best fit and protection. You can customize your shinguards with your own design, name, number, flag or logo.

Guard Stays & Sleeves

Shinguard stays are one of the best ways to keep your shinguards in place and hold your socks up. Pick any color guard strap to match your socks.

Soccer Player Gloves

Field player gloves are a great way to keep warm while playing soccer in the cold.

Soccer Medical & Injury Supplies

Tape, wraps, braces and more! If you play soccer then you need to take care of your battle wounds with the products in this category.

Special Pricing on Team Orders

If you manage or coach a soccer team, this is your one-stop-shop for soccer team uniforms, gear, and even fan apparel. Sign up for a team account for free. We're always excited to work with soccer organizations of all sizes.

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